Alan Swahn Presentation

Posted: 11/04/2016
Actionable Intelligence: The New Mandate for Data Management
Digital Transformation is here to stay and it’s impacting every part of an organization—from finance, manufacturing, IT, operations, sales and marketing to support. But it’s also at the heart of creating an enormous amount of unmanaged non-operationalized data. Couple this with all the latest conveniences of sharing data between devices and storing information on file shares, SharePoint, and the Cloud and the tsunami grows, as now specific data can’t be found either, at least in a defensible fashion. To make matters even more complicated, personally identifiable information may be hiding in your data, a code word for liability. We’ll review how Actionable Intelligence can work hand-in-hand with your digital transformation to light-up dark data, pull out data that should be operationalized, create data transparency, and lower your data risk profile all with the aim to increase operational efficiencies.
Alan Swahn, VP of Marketing, AI Foundry